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Advertisers realize MonsterAds is different when they see our traffic quality and volume metrics. Our publishers are high volume experts in their marketing medium and it shows in the traffic quality and volume. If you are an Advertiser and would like to setup a winning pay for performance campaign with MonsterAds.

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“Been a member of Society Invite (now MonsterAds) for around a year and a half. Within that time I've used other websites but always been dragged back here... Why? Reliable offers, excellent conversion rates, helpful team and of course, one of the biggest things, on time, reliable payments. Some sites I've used had none of these good qualities. My affiliate manager Adam is always there for help and advise with offers, and even there for a general chat. Thank you Society Invite (and MonsterAds), I look forward to enjoying being apart of this for time to come. ”

Smallzy90 - PUBLISHER

“I have been in internet marketing business for many years, why did I finally choose MonsterAds? My good friend invited me to join because we are all aged affiliates and the affiliate managers of MonsterAds can answer almost all your questions honestly, accurately and friendly. @Brandon is great, I don’t think he ever sleeps? I wish other affiliate managers were as good as him. I get weekly payment so I never worry about my cashflow because they never delay, never. They have tons of high EPC offers, and I do a split test randomly, so I know. Don't be misled by those "highest payout", if you are not noob you know what I mean. :) No newbies, no fraud here, advertisers like this kind of network, if you need good longterm relationship with advertisers, MonsterAds is really great. Thanks for your help during the years.”

12040. - PUBLISHER

“MonsterAds is an amazing network! If you're an affiliate marketer whose looking for a huge selection of offers on many verticals, look no further. Payments are every week and always on time! They're affiliate managers are the best I work with in the industry! Check them out now!”


“If you have done your due dilligence you will find SI/MA to come out on top time after time again. I have worked with many affiliate companies over the past 6 years, no others have brought to the table what SI/MA does. The most important asset they bring is their wide variety of offers with competitive payouts. Society Invite (now MonsterAds) only allows the highest quality of affiliate marketers, and to match this the offers they make available are vetted for their top quality as well. When performing split tests this means far less money wasted trying to find top offers for your traffic. Unlike many other affiliate companies SI/MA is continually evolving itself and trying to ensure that it's platform is the best in the business. When pairing this with weekly payouts and the industries best affiliate managers it's difficult to consider working with anybody else.”



Ben Cagle

After having years of success in various offline businesses and investments, Ben was provided the experience and courage to explore new business opportunities online.

His first online venture was a marketing forum geared toward earning online called 'Moneymaker Discussion Forum'.

This forum has grown to be one of the most successful CPA Marketing forums on the internet today with over 100k members.

This success led to several other online ventures including SI Marketing Inc d/b/a MonsterAds (formerly Society Invite).

Ben explains the business philosophy behind SI Marketing Inc: "Chris and I have setup our business from day one to be a trail blazer in the internet marketing space.

We have several projects in development that will compliment MonsterAds and impact the entire industry.

Our desire is to not only thrive in the industry, but to make our mark on it and impact everyone in it in a beneficial way."

Ben further explains, "We have worked hard to establish ourselves as trusted professionals with a great reputation among both advertisers and publishers.

Among our advertiser partners, we are praised for being easy to work with while sending high volume and great quality traffic.

Publishers love us because we have: knowledgeable and accessible support, top rates on our campaigns, fast, on time payments and highly converting and exclusive offers."

Ben is a family man who enjoys time on the lake with his family, attending professional sporting events, and driving fast cars.

Chris Patrick Network Manager

Following a 20+ year career as an executive in the retail and mortgage industries, Chris turned to the internet to generate leads for his mortgage business, eventually leading him to work in the Credit, Insurance, EDU and Dating verticals. He has experience in SEO, Media Buying, Social Media and Email Campaigns.

In 2011, Ben Cagle and Chris launched Society Invite and began taking publishers on board via referral and invite-only with the philosophy that they don't want to be the biggest network, only the BEST.

Chris explains, "With the recent relocation of our parent company SI Marketing Inc. to Puerto Rico, Ben and I felt the timing was perfect for a rebranding of the company from the ambiguous 'Society Invite' to a more relevant and mainstream 'MonsterAds'. We couldn't be more excited about the companies' future and how this rebrand is being accepted."

When not steering the MonsterAds ship, Chris can be found coaching one of his sons sports teams, working out at the gym, or spending time with his family and smoking some BBQ.

Robert Stephens Operations Manager

Robert has worked in financial and accounting for the past 19 years including the past 9 in the Affiliate Marketing space. As the Operations Manager, his duties include: leading the Business Development Department at MonsterAds, working as a liaison between our advertisers and accounting department, handling invoicing in an organized and timely manner, and handling any chargebacks or discrepancies in invoicing.

Robert is finishing his Master’s degree in Adult Education and has a goal of earning his Ph.D. where he will specialize in the Adult Relational Paradigm in Learning. He lives on a farm with his wife Heather and their children where they raise livestock, produce, and has fruit and nut trees.

Useless info:

Favorite Band:
Guns and Roses

Favorite Movie:
I am legend

Brandon Carney Affiliate Manager

Brandon started in online marketing in 2008 when he made his first dollar on a "Get Paid To" site where he earned money completing surveys and offers. The 14 bucks he got weeks later was proof that money could be made online. Soon after he got into Social Media marketing where he saw great success. Looking to diversify, he branched into blogging, SEO, PPV, display, email marketing and most recently, mobile marketing.

While experienced in many forms of promotion, he is very proficient at Social Media marketing. Brandon's skill at computer automation aided his success. He has worked in most verticals but has had the most success in the dating vertical.

Brandon is living the life with dual residences in Pittsburgh during the summer and Florida in the winter. He is accessable nearly 24/7 via Skype and is a great resource for optimizing your campaigns.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, he tries to make time to ride his motorcycles and likes to work out. He can be found in the gym at least 3 times per week.

Useless Info:

Guilty Pleasure:
Loves wearing sweatpants or athletic shorts (the long ones) no matter the occasion.

Favorite Movie:
The Terminator Series, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Adam Avery
Affiliate Manager

Adam Lives in sunny south Florida and has been in the Internet Marketing space specializing in affiliate marketing for 6 years. He started working in IM while slaving overnight in the kitchen at the W hotel in Ft Lauderdale. Ultimately he made enough money to quit his "day" job. Adam pursued being an AM because he enjoys the process of working with other publishers and helping them plan and launch profitable campaigns.

Coming from the affiliate side of things made it a very easy transition from "affiliate" to an "affiliate manager". Adam explains, "I knew what sources were working and what verticals seemed to make the most money. I also had friends and other resources to tap into that helped me stay on top of what was hot and converting well."

Adam made his first dollar online while in the back of that kitchen. He threw up on pof like hundreds of others were doing but found ways to make it profitable even with all the competition. Adam is an experienced media buyer and believes this is an industry where you get out of it what you put into it.

Useless Info:

Guilty Pleasure:
Adam hasn’t found a buffet he can’t put a dent in.

Favorite Food:
Chinese food

Jake Dean
Affiliate Manager

Jake lives in the UK (Portsmouth, England) and has been in the IM space for 5 years now. Having previously worked for a top dating advertiser, Jake has continued his main focus in that vertical. Jake will be celebrating his second year with MonsterAds (SI Marketing Inc.). MonsterAds has a huge selection of great dating and exclusive offers on the network and that has given his affiliates an amazing opportunity to grow their traffic revenue. Apart from dating he has also been able to grow as an affiliate manager broadening his reach into other verticals since joining the SI family.

Coming from a dating advertiser gives Jake the unique perspective to know what traffic looks like from the other side. He has a very effective ability to recommend offers that will perform well for his publishers in all verticals and all sources of traffic to help his publishers achieve their long term goals.

Jake made his first dollar online by creating his own dating review website. He had around 10 offers live and started off using free traffic sources from social media. Once he got his first pay cheque he then started to reinvest that money into flat rate media spots and bids for various adult display ads. More of this technique can be found in his blog posts or you can feel free to hit him up direct.

Jake is an avid Football (we call it Soccer in the US) fan and is a regular at the annual Oktoberfest fest every year in Germany.

Useless Info:

Guilty Pleasure:
Jake loves the Kardashians and thinks “Kourtney is HOT!”

Favorite Movie: Anything with Robert De Niro

Greg Baskin
Affiliate Manager

Greg Baskin lives in the Washington, DC area. He has been in the Internet Marketing space for over 6 years. He loves to talk, network and collaborate with new and experienced publisher. He believes you can always learn something new from anyone.

Greg made his first dollar online using affiliate marketing running PPC ads direct linking to a Clickbank offer in the weight loss niche: "Get Rid Of Man Boobs". Surprised by the success of this campaign, he got his first check and began to apply the same concepts to CPA offers and realized he was hooked on CPA marketing. He learned how to create videos, websites, and master other software programs that enabled him to continue to grow as an affiliate.

Greg enjoys working with the MonsterAds team, (formerly Society Invite), because they are leaders in the internet marketing space. This enables him to leverage his experience along with the tools and resources of such a substantial network so he can help his publishers maximize their ROI and earn more than they ever have anywhere else.

Greg loves Football and Basketball and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Useless information:

Favorite Movies:
The Last Dragon and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka

Favorite Band:

Guilty Pleasure:
Being overly obsessed with the Internet and vanilla ice cream

Andrew Avery
Affiliate Manager

Residing in sunny south Florida, Andrew has worn multiple hats within the online marketing area since 2011. He has done everything from complete Wordpress website build-outs, marketing research, SEM strategy development & implementation, content marketing, and much more. With his background in account management for SEO and PPC campaigns, Andrew came aboard MonsterAds as an Affiliate Manager looking to expand his knowledge of the Internet Marketing world. He looks forward to growing his knowledge base with this great network.

Andrew's experience with SEM allows him to see the strengths and weakness in any marketing campaign and help to focus it. He also understands the importance of knowing who the target audience is and deciding the best ways to reach them. This factor helps him place the right publisher with the right offer. Even though he is fairly new to affiliate marketing, Andrew has shown he is a fast learner and dedicated to success this is evidenced by the performance of his publishers since joining MonsterAds.

Although Andrew has succeeded in generating traffic and increasing revue for other companies, it was not until he started at MonsterAds that he could proudly state his hard work in online marketing has directly impacted his bank account and earned him his first "online dollar."

Andrew is an avid runner, who has been known to outrun thunder & lightening storms.

Useless information:

Favorite Band:
Streetlight Manifesto & Jethro Tull

Guilty Pleasure:
Eating an entire box of pasta and not feeling guilty about it.

Favorite Movie:
The Jerk

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